British American Yachts

Headed by seasoned yacht industry professionals, British American Yachts provides, experienced, qualified and formally trained yacht crew for our clients’ discerning palates. We understand yacht owner and guest needs and our crew members offer excellence in every detail.

We are based in South Florida, Bahamas, New England, Caribbean, Mediterranean, US West Coast, London, Greece, France, Cape Town, and the Pacific. Our worldwide access and network of 5-star crew members ensure our placements are met with longevity and we tailor each candidate to match the vessel’s requirements. We specialize in permanent, seasonal, freelance, relief and rotational placements in all spectrum of yacht crew positions. Our candidates are the most seasoned and professional group including Captains, Engineers, Managers, Chefs, and all exterior and interior crew.

We start from the position that each yacht staffing need is unique, necessitating individual understanding. The breadth and experience of our pool of candidates allows us to service yachts of all sizes. Shot 2016-09-22 at 10.59.08 AM