Holly Hager Discusses Gloria Ortiz-Hernández’s Work in Art Zealous

Ask the Collector with Holly Hager

Collecting 101: Why Art? Part II

Crossings #1 and #2 by Gloria Ortiz-Hernández.

Now take a look at the very same room after the art has been replaced with minimalist drawings by Gloria Ortiz-Hernández. They radically change the ambiance. Now the space says, “Calm down, relax, and rest.” The luscious depth of these drawings is like visual Xanax. The roundness of the forms is soft and comforting. There’s movement in these works, too, but it’s a languid migration that lulls the mind. Contemplating them is like watching the petals of a flower open or tracking the moon across the sky. No matter that there’s still sun pouring in the windows, doesn’t this image make you want to climb into it, lay down on the couch, and take a nap?

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