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James Scott’s Tribute to Claes Oldenburg

Summer is for slowing down and making time for things both old and new…

It was with much sadness that I heard about the passing of Claes Oldenburg last week. Many summers ago I filmed my dual screen film, The Great Ice Cream Robbery, which documents Oldenburg’s installation of his solo retrospective at the Tate in 1970. Using the complex interplay between the two screens, the film shows the juxtaposition of an artist who is both playful and hard at work.

To mark Oldenburg’s passing, I am making the dual screen version of the film available for viewing until August 2nd.

Watch the film here: https://vimeopro.com/user3582856/tribute-to-claes-oldenburg

While temperatures heat up outside, I am trying to stay cool by sitting in a dark editing room and working diligently to complete my new film Elements of a Journey: Antoni Tàpies, a documentary about the life of Catalan artist Antoni Tàpies. Here is a link to the trailer: https://vimeo.com/674640431

This film was started in 1974, just a couple years after completing The Great Ice Cream Robbery, making my current film both something old and something new.

While I am in the final phases of the film, we are still in need of raising more completion funds to cover the cost of all the rich and wonderful archival materials.

Any leads on finishing funds are greatly appreciated! Feel free to reach out to me at scottart@roadrunner.com. Those who have worked on large scale projects know, the fundraising is not complete even after the final touches are put on a project.

View James Scott’s film.

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