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Brooklyn Rail Reviews Henry Mandell’s SUPERUNKNOWN

Installation view: Henry Mandell: Superunknown, Anita Rogers Gallery, New York, 2023. Courtesy Anita Rogers Gallery. Photo: Andrew Toth.

Henry Mandell knows the subsurface teems with vitality. In his debut exhibition at Anita Rogers Gallery, the painter draws upon the interconnected qualities of mycelium as a grounding agent for a remarkable body of work. Mycelium is the fungal network of thread-like structures that ramify and interlace a thousand-fold connection to the roots of trees and other vegetation in forests. For Mandell, there is a strong analogy between the mycelial system and the world wide web. The artist’s recent body of work capitalizes on the exploration of this interconnectedness.

There is not a wall that isn’t put to use in the gallery, though the exhibition does not feel overhung. This is because the paintings maintain a steady energetic level that gives the show an even tone, regardless of the different material characteristics of the artworks. Mandell’s colors operate on equal wavelengths: wherever they fall on the spectrum, their lightness and brightness remain consistent. It’s a necessary containment, as Mandell’s line work is supremely expansive and multilayered.

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Brainard Carey Interviews Henry Mandell

Henry Mandell in the studio.

In the past few years, Brainard Carey has interviewed a number of artists, writers, architects, curators, museum directors, and poets, including Flavin Judd, Marina Abramović, Mary Heilman, Robert Storr, Nancy Spector, and more.  Learn more. 

On October 4, 2023, Brainard Carey sat down with artist Henry Mandell to discuss Mandell’s solo exhibition, SUPERUNKNOWN.

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SUPERUNKNOWN: The Art of Henry Mandell Sheds Light on the Unknown

Henry Mandell, Satoshi’s Garden 002F, 2023, UV polymer on linen 52″ x 50.5″

by Lidia Yadlos

Anita Rogers Gallery is delighted to unveil “Superunknown,” a captivating exhibition showcasing the latest creations by artist Henry Mandell. This marks Mandell’s debut solo exhibition at Anita Rogers Gallery, offering an opportunity to immerse yourself in a world of abstract art born from the depths of experimentation, scientific exploration, and the enigmatic aspects of the human experience.

Mandell’s artistic journey is a unique fusion of art and science, where he pioneers unconventional approaches to craft mesmerizing abstract artworks. At the heart of “Superunknown” lies an intriguing process that transforms written narratives, stories, and data into visually striking abstract compositions.

Through the meticulous manipulation of digital tools, Mandell embarks on a transformational journey, transcending words into a realm of abstract imagery.

Mandell’s process begins with a departure from the conventional use of iterative code, opting instead for a purely artistic approach. Every creative decision is a manifestation of the artist’s mind and hand, marking Mandell’s distinctive fusion of the digital realm with traditional painting.

One of the prominent series in “Superunknown” showcases intricate multilayered objects, constructed from a web of fine colored lines transformed from text related to dark matter and the universe’s fabric. Each line represents a distinct letter, coming together to weave an otherworldly tapestry.

The “Satoshi’s Garden” Series

“Satoshi’s Garden,” another series within “Superunknown,” offers a glimpse into a realm of swirling vortexes, adorned with chimerical limbs and primordial roots. These mystifying forms draw inspiration from the interconnected network of mycelium, hinting at the enigmatic creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto.

Just as the Wood Wide Web connects plant root systems through mycelium fungi, the Bitcoin White Paper linked a global network of computers through blockchain technology, both shrouded in a veil of mystery.

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La Voce di New York Spotlights Henry Mandell

Henry Mandell, Satoshi’s Garden 006, 2023, UV polymer on linen, 72h x 70w in

Is there a better option than spending the weekend immersed in galleries, exhibitions, paintings and photos? New York blooms in summer when it comes to art. Here you can find those that are about to open and those about to close.

–Federica Farina

Opening on Wednesday, September 6, 2023:

Superunknown by Henry Mandell at Anita Rogers Gallery (494 Greenwich St., Ground Floor) through October 14

Please RSVP to Info@AnitaRogersGallery.com to join us for the opening reception, September 6, 6-8pm.