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Happy, Healthy & Nutritious New Year!

From the British American Household Staffing blog

by Roxanne Carrion

It’s that time of year again where we set goals and goodwill resolutions in the name of a clean slate as January 1st arrives.

While we reach for more leftovers and loosen our belts after an indulgent festive period, chances are it’s not just Christmas, but Covid pounds you’re dealing with on the scales!

I think it’s safe to say that 2020 has been more shaken and stirred than a James Bond movie. Those bursting diary planners we once carried littered with scribbled plans for lunches, classes, appointments and meetings are now thrown into a junk drawer since the abandoned pages became increasingly less inked.

Our comforting rituals and social interactions have now been on hiatus longer than the promised Friends reunion.

Our appetite for life seems to have been replaced with an appetite for several servings and midnight snacks thanks to such a stressful and emotionally charged year.

The ever mentioned social distance rule we’re constantly reminded to keep has also regrettably made its way between us and our diets!

That’s right. I’ve spent 2020 socially distancing my way from the morning healthy Nutribullet juices, my power walks around the park and the hot yoga classes I’d attend with friends.


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