Tribeca Citizen Shares Anita Rogers Gallery

Anas Albraehe: The Dreamer at Anita Rogers Gallery, 494 Greenwich Street

Anita Rogers Gallery just moved (in February) from Soho to a new space at 494 Greenwich, just north of Canal, so adding them in here as a new kid so we can track the expanding Tribeca Gallery District.

The gallery opened in 2016 on Mercer Street in a second floor space, then to a ground floor location on Greene Street. And while they loved that location, there was permanent scaffolding on the storefront and it became too much. “We are thrilled with our new space and location,” said gallery director Elizabeth Thompson. (She thought the space must have been a fitness studio before they moved in; years ago it was the Boris Bidjan Saberi boutique.)

Rogers is the daughter of British artist Jack Martin Rogers and is a classically trained opera singer, harpist and guitar player; as a result the gallery does a lot of music events and an annual Greek celebration, with live Greek music, food and dancing. (Rogers was raised in Greece.)

The current show — up till August 27 — is work by a young Syrian painter, Anas Albraehe, titled The Dreamer.

Anita Rogers Gallery
494 Greenwich
Tuesday-Saturday 10am-6pm

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